Skill development is the need of the hour


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It is quite true skill development is the need of the hour. If India is to stand tall among the advanced nations, skill development must be made the first priority. Indian Government should provide skill development programmes to each and every individual. 

Success is the trophy one gets after learning lots of skills. Skills are of two types – general skills and job specific skills. Both are a must to clinch success. One really has to work very hard to develop both types of skills. Since both types of skills complement each other, the role of general skills is much more than generally known so far. Even if one has high job-specific skills, expertise, or specialization, one must possess the general skills to further succeed in life always.

In order to equip each Indian with specific and advanced skills, more stress should be laid on practical and vocational skills rather than theoretical and academic skills. For example India needs to develop phenomenally in science and technology, agriculture, medicines, defense, space technology, etc. Students should be involved in skill development projects from their early age. 

People should also pursue skills enthusiastically and dedicatedly. India’s development has direct relation with its citizens’ skill development. So, in order to develop India, skills of its people should be developed. 

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