Top 5 Health Care Products In India


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Most adults need one or more dietary supplements on a daily basis. They work as preventive measures against diseases and medical conditions as well as help in keeping fit.

Often we do not get the amount of nutrients we need from our food. Because of this, health care products are available in the market. These supplements provide the body with the necessary nutrients keeping you healthy. Supplements usually include fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

1. Whey Protein:

Whey proteins are a rich source of vitamin D and omega 3. They are often used to help solve weight loss issues and malnutrition in children as well as adults. Whey protein can be taken as a whole meal when cooked.

2. Omega 3 Fat:



Our body does not naturally absorb omega 3 fatty acids from food. Therefore, supplements for the same are available. Most omega 3 supplements are derived from fish oil. Fish oil is processed and capsules are produced from theme. These capsules are packaged and sold over the counter. Many of us will need omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil capsules are recommended.


3. Vitamin B12:



Vitamin B12 complex is one of the most important vitamins needed by the body. It comprises of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamins. Vitamin B deficiency leads to many complications like diarrhea, hypertension, beri beri to name a few. Thus, it is necessary to intake sufficient amounts on a daily basis. Supplements help in providing the body with the amount needed.


4. Vitamin D:


Vitamin D is found to be low in many people. It helps in keeping the immune system strong and promotes good health. The Sun is a good source for Vitamin D. However, supplements are available if there is a deficiency.


5. Probiotics:


These microorganisms have numerous health benefits. They will fight bacteria and viruses. They can be found in certain fermented food products like curd or yogurt. As these are not adequately accessible naturally for consumption, various supplements that use these as ingredients are produces for medical purposes.



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